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I’m Jacob Johnston–owner and creator of J2Vinylworks.

After 5 years as an installer for various sign and wrap companies, I decided to jump ship and follow my dream. Two years later, I still love working with vinyl every day.

My goal is to provide the Charlotte area with a reliable, adaptable, start-to-finish vinyl service. I’ve installed just about every material on most surfaces – big to small, detailed to distant.

I’ve worked 8-to-5 —and often times much earlier and later— installing vinyl only to head home and continue to watch training videos online. I’ve ordered countless yards of random vinyl to see what I could successfully wrap around a helmet in my spare time.

I don’t have certifications – yet – but I do have a passion-fueled drive to be the best vinyl option in the Carolinas.

I have the correct tools for a flawless installation, a ridiculous amount of patience, a constantly growing mental database of installation techniques and the flexibility to meet your deadline.

Currently, I outsource all of my printing and some of the design. I have a Graphtec 24” plotter that suffices for most cut jobs. I rely on other sign and wrap companies for printed materials, large quantity items, and even install areas at times.

My special business rates and collaborative design and installation process allow me work alongside your business so we can grow together. You can see examples of my work here on my site. While I didn’t design most of the on-site examples, I installed everything you’ll see there.

I can only offer installation-to-go for now. However, I’m in the process of obtaining a dedicated install space central to the Charlotte area. This means I will soon offer a location where you can send vehicles for wrapping among other services.

Want to See How I've Helped Other Area Businesses?

I’ve developed a way to quickly quote jobs, while avoiding all of the normal pitfalls of a cut and dry “flat rate x sq. ft.” method. Following you’ll find a calculator you can use to quickly quote almost any job you would need to contact me for.

While it won’t cover 100% of cases, it will ease the process for both of us considerably. Simply enter in the sq. ft. of the job into the area provided and select the wrap type. The calculator will automatically display the cost per sq. ft. and total cost.

The following graph provides a visual example on how the pricing calculator works. With my pricing system, it still makes sense for me as an installer to take a small job like a Smart car or a few windows based solely on sq. ft. Since the cost is adjusted according to the total job size, I can still promise my full attention and unparalleled service. Yet you still get a price that fits your business needs. We both win.

Jobs measuring more than 250 sq. ft. (the size of a medium vehicle) actually shift pricing in your favor. As the install area grows, your savings grow too!

Need an example? Type 2500 sq.ft. into the calculator and look at the results! An install of that size represents a large wall wrap or a big bank of windows. You can see the rates drop quickly.

Have an irregular shaped install—such as a box truck? Just figure the cost of wrapping the box and cab separately and add the totals. These formulas consider almost everything!

If you don’t need any of my services, I would still like to know a bit more about you.

If I can’t help a customer out or don’t have an opening in my schedule, I prefer to leave them with a few people to get in touch with who will serve them well. The more people I know, the more I can refer!

Just hit the contact page and send me answers to these questions—or anything else you think I might need to know!

•         What do you specialize in?

•         Who is your primary market?

•         What job do you want when you answer the phone?

If you’d like, include some info about B2B services you offer that might be useful to me. Examples include printing or manufacturing. Common considerations include:

•         How do you price printing and what’s the safe turnaround?

•         Do you offer design services?

•         What material types/brands do you regularly stock?

•         What printing options do you offer? (latex, solvent, flatbed, 60” or 54”?)

•         Do you have an install space you would be willing to rent? What size door and space?

I appreciate any feedback. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I understand how valuable your time is.

Offer a useful service I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to know!

Want to collaborate on a neat project? Feel free to reach out!

Hopefully we can work together and find a whole lot of mutually beneficial areas to help each other succeed and adapt as the industry evolves.


Jacob Johnston



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