How much does it cost to wrap my _________?

There is no cookie cutter method to determine the cost of a wrap. We take all aspects of the job into consideration. A personal, show-quality color change vehicle wrap will be priced differently than a business wrap on a van. We consider total size of wrap, complexity of tricky areas like bumpers and handles or obstacles on walls, and help you to find the exact material within the price range you need for the results you want. Give us a call, we’re happy to help.


What is a color-change wrap?

The vinyl industry has created a ton of new terms that aren’t exactly common place. A color-change wrap is simply the opposite of a printed business wrap. These colors are available like tubes of paint at the art store – meaning options in every color imagineable and a few you didn’t know existed. We have samples to browse through if you’re curious. The benefit to these wraps is mainly the very unique options that would be almost impossible to achieve otherwise. For the ultra-exclusive, you can even mix and match base colors with tinted laminates for a color you can name yourself! 


How long does it take to complete a wrap?

The design process continues until you’re happy. Usually a week or two. We allow another week for material acquisition. Installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a week. We can rush orders as needed, though ultimately our focus is on quality. Got the need for speed? We’ll get you in touch with the quickest places around.

Color matching and other needs may lengthen the process, so get in touch early if you have a deadline.

short answer: 2-4+ weeks for designed wraps, 1-2 weeks for color-change


Did you really do everything on this site?

While we only designed a portion of what you see on this site, we did install every square inch. We work together with designers and printers to offer a complete package, custom tuned to what you need. We have good relationships with companies that offer a variety of options, from different printer types to clear vinyl and metallic or white inks. We know who to work with to get you the darkest darks, brightest greens, and the best materials on the market. All you need is an idea.


How long does a wrap last?

Vehicle wraps generally last 3-5 years for a printed wrap and 5+ for a custom color-change wrap. We offer a 1 yr warranty on installation and only use premium products that have been proven time again, from brands like Avery, 3M, Orafol, and Arlon. We also source fresh material for each job, which gives you a leg up on the race against time. Ultimately, limiting sun and UV exposure will greatly extend the life of any wrap.

Wall and window wraps suffer from the same weakness, UV exposure. Material types vary, so get in touch for the best option depending on your needs.

How do you clean a vehicle wrap?

Personally, some clean water and a microfiber towell works great. We also hand wash just as we would a normal paint job. The key is to never use a pressure washer, never use an automated car wash of any kind, and be mindful of the force you’re using when washing around the edges of the vinyl. Bringing a neglected wrap back to life can be difficult, a weekly wipe-down will keep you looking new for years. Matte wraps tend to get dirty faster and should not be allowed to get too dirty before washing or they can become difficult, use good judgement.


Still Confused? Send us an email or give us a call, we’re happy to help.




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